About Us


The company with more than 10 years of experience he has brought many new products for the first time in Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu, India. After travelling to many foreign countries he saw the vital use of GPS Tracking system and he planned to bring the same to our country too. He explored on many new ideas in the effective use of GPS in many common purposes and invented many application strategies like Gold chain tracking system, two wheeler tracking system, GPS tracking system, school bus traking system and many more……

He is continuously invoved in innovation of new GPS enabled products and keen in its applications. He has given many client centric solutions on saying them how GPS enables them to run the business successfully. He gives meetings and talks regularly to all his business clients on the new inventions made by him and his team. Whenever a client comes to him , he makes clear review of the situation and selects a appropriate GPS solutions available . GPS plays a major role in carrying the valuables from one place to another. Its use is inevitable in almost all business. To make the business trendier it is wise to enable GPS Tracking System. Vehicle Monitoring System can be used by common pizza shops to military purposes. Now a day where the safety comes first GPS stands to the primary importance.

GPS are frequently used in many fields like Distribution and delivery of products, education institutional vehicles, personnel two wheeler or four wheeler vehicles, government agencies, construction, marine, military, geo tagging, navigation, communication, medical, oil and petroleum transport, geo fencing, rescue operations, tectonics, Map making, Missile guidance, surveying, aviation, recreation, automotive……….and more adds to this wide umbrella.

Flash GPS are best in providing quality services in fixed time. We are always committed in giving reliable service at low price. Customer satisfaction is our primary goal. After immense experience our CEO has planned more and more new products in near future by using latest technologies and he has planned for many new ventures in the foreign countries.